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Lucila de Almeida

Dr Lucila de Almeida is the University of Helsinki's researcher which carried out investigations in the research project ‘Transformation of Private Law Beyond Europe’ with focus on energy markets.


She is also a Lecturer in the master programme in International Business Law, is a faculty member in the Helsinki Institute for Sustainability Science (HELSUS) and collaborator in the InterTran Research Group for Sustainable Law and Business. Since September 2018, Lucila holds a double-affiliation with the European University Institute, Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies, where she is a Research Associate at the Florence School of Regulation Energy & Climate and co-Director of the Online Executive Training entitled "Regulatory Delivery".


Lucila wrote her Ph.D. thesis while an associate researcher in the ERC–ERPL Project on the Foundations of European Private Law at European University Institute (EUI), where she developed the theory on the private law sphere of EU Energy Law. She is the author of the entry for “Brazil” in the Encyclopaedia of International Laws on Energy Law (Kluwer International Law 2019), and co-editor of the books “Sustainable Consumption” (Springer 2019), and "Transformation of Economic Law" (Hart Publishing 2019).

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