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Daniela Tabrizi-Olivier is a finance expert with background in private banking and financial management in the oil and gas sector. As part of the international private banking team at Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien, she worked as an advisor to High Networth Individuals as well as international organizations in Vienna.


Later, she joined Petra Energia SA as finance manager, overseeing international business in Europe, Africa and Asia. Daniela has many years of experience working with people of different intercultural backgrounds and is a specialist in international financial transactions, taxation and organization.


Daniela has earned her Master's degree at the University of Vienna in the field of international development and completed her doctorate at the University of Vienna in the area of Islamic Finance. She has done extensive research in Malaysia at INCEIF, operated in Saudi Arabia at the King Faisal Research Center for Islamic Studies and Field Research in the United Arab Emirates.

Daniela Olivier

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